Ready for my Close-Up

Is your pet ready for its “Close-Up”?


When I first conceived of the idea for Bell’s Furry Friends Photography (BFF Photography for short) I thought about all the ways I could get my name out there.

And then it came to me as I was cleaning (isn’t that always the way?!)… an exhibition of my work.

As I researched gallery exhibitions, my mind went to unique ways to pull people in. I could approach a gallery and see if they’d host me. But I’m not famous like Wegman… I am, however, well connected in the Bangor pet community.

So I thought a pet fair and art show would be just the ticket. And summer seemed logical.

So … (drum roll, please) … on July 12 from 6-9 p.m. I’ll be holding “Ready for my Close-Up” a pet fair and art show at the Sea Dog Brewing Company at 26 Front Street in Bangor. This is, however, a people-only event, so please leave Fido and Fluffy at home in comfort.

The fair and art show will also provide visitors with a chance to learn about all the components of pet photography and how they affect the photos.

What’s even cooler about this event is that I’ve pulled five local pet-centric businesses to help me kick off Bell’s Furry Friends Photography and two AMAZING non-profits. Over the next two weeks, I’ll introduce them to you in depth.

But here’s the skinny on who will be there:

  • Best in Show Paws is owned by Shannon and Dave Byers and is based out of Lamoine. This business focuses on pet paw care and trims. And they own greyhounds. Which means they’re awesome.
  • Dogn’i Apparel is owned by Cynthia Rollins and is based in Bangor. Cindy creates custom collars, leashes, matching shoes and belts, and a ton more for pets. Her work is amazing and she’s made some things for my greyhound Laura.
  • Green Acres Kennel Shop is owned by Don and Paula Hanson and is based in Bangor. Green Acres is a full-service pet center offering grooming, training, pet food and treats, daycare and boarding for cats and dogs, and behavior consultations. Laura loves going to visit her friends at Green Acres and always comes home tired.
  • Mutt Nose Best is owned by Jenny Dwyer and is located in Bangor. Mutt Nose Best creates grooming and pet care products that are eco-friendly and even better, don’t contain harsh preservatives and chemicals. Her products are located throughout the United States and she’s looking to go global soon!
  • Veazie Veterinary Clinic is a veterinary clinic in Veazie. Owned by Dr. David Cloutier and operated with two other vets as well as a full staff of vet techs and professionals. Veazie Vet is very involved in the community and in full-pet health. They even have a rehabilitation arm which helps pets suffering from a variety of illnesses or injuries feel and live better.

And, of course, there’s my business!

Admission for “Ready for my Close-Up” can come in the form of a cash donation or a pet supply item (or both!). Admission items will be split between Bangor Humane Society and the Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Furry Friends Food Bank. The event is for people only, so make sure to leave Fluffy at home in air-conditioned comfort.

The reason these two were chosen for this inaugural event is simple: they are both causes I feel strongly about supporting. If you’re a follower of Bell Imaging & Design (the mother company) then you know that I host yearly fundraising portrait sessions that benefit the Furry Friends Food Bank. It’s important for individuals and businesses to give back and what better way to do this than my event?!

All attendees receive a ticket for the door prize drawing and can enter to win drawings throughout the night. I have set a lofty goal: $2,000 cash and 2,000 pounds of food and supplies. The money and supplies will go a long way to helping needy animals in the area as well as to offsetting costs.

I hope you’ll consider coming and supporting these businesses and non-profits. I can’t wait to share more of these amazing partners with you. Keep checking in to see what’s new.

And give your furry BFFs a hug. They love you.