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Joy. Meaning. Love.

These three words are why Bell’s Furry Friends Photography exists.
They are the reason you own a pet.
They are the reason I photograph pets.
They are the reason that creating memories is so important.

About Us

My name is Debra Bell, owner of Bell’s Furry Friends Photography (BFF Photography for short). I have been a professional photographer since 2001 but grew up with a camera in my hands.

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Your BFFs

In the same way that every human is unique, every pet is unique as well. From feathered to furry friends and even some scaly ones, each pet has a distinct and delightful personality.

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Why BFF?

I offer organic pet photography sessions. That means that while every session has a goal and focus, we achieve those results naturally without causing your pet stress, or anxiety.

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Our pets are with us only briefly, but they touch our hearts profoundly. What better way to honor that profound place in your heart than by honoring the pet who carved the space. These sessions focus on creating heartwarming and evocative images which capture your pet’s personality and create moving tributes to the special pet in your life. BFF Photography discounts these sessions to ensure that all BFFs have the opportunity to be photographed.

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