Joy… Meaning… Love…

These three words are the reason Bell’s Furry Friends Photography exists. They are the reason you own a pet. They are the reason I photograph pets. They are the reason creating memories is so important.

Marti’s Story

Marti’s parents adored her. As a gorgeous older beagle, Marti was a delight to meet and even more amazing to photograph. We scheduled the session at their home to help keep Marti at ease.

Her parents had never gotten a photograph that they loved of Marti. Marti had cancer. She had no whiskers. The session was given to them as a gift from a local kennel that uses me for their photography.

Five months after her photo session, Marti lost her battle with cancer, but the images we created remained. Knowing they had taken the time to create something beautiful gave them peace. That alone turned the sorrow into something beautiful.

Gordon’s Story

Gordon is one of the classic wary dog stories. I work with a lot of them. Gordon had some trust issues, so we took it slow.

We took it easy and played for our pre-session consultation while his owner and I talked about the session’s goals. I introduced the camera to Gordon and how it sounded. By the end of the consultation, he was approaching me and comfortable.

When it came time for our session, Gordon was still a little apprehensive. We succeeded in having fun and creating great images. The mark of a good pet photographer, or any photographer in general, is patience.

Two years later, that relationship remains. Gordon and I reconnected while out on a walk with his owner. These stories are just a few of the reasons that I love what I do.

What Sets BFF Apart?

I’ve been photographing pets as a niche since 2009. In that time, I’ve worked with a wide array of pets with a variety of temperaments. I’ve worked with their owners to create images that are meaningful and beautiful.

I also continue to educate myself. I’ve taken dog training classes, dog behavior classes, pet first aid, and CPR training. I want to give you and your BFF the best service possible.

As a pet owner myself, I understand what it’s like to have a best friend who is fuzzy. I know the joy and frustration they bring. I also appreciate how passionately we love these creatures who are with us for such a short time.

Bell’s Furry Friends Photography offers custom design services. Debra Bell, BFF Photography owner, has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine and a graphic design background. That means BFF can craft your story and design custom items to accent your home.

Choose BFF Photography if you want…

  • Memories that will live on.
  • A stress-free photography session.
  • Someone who takes the time to ensure you and your pet have a great time.
  • A photographer who will take your needs and vision to heart.
  • A photographer who is also a pet owner.

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