Bark For Life: The Greyhound Gang

Sometimes you just have to Bark for what’s right.

So maybe I’m not “barking”, but I will be participating in the first Greater Bangor Bark for Life event (put on in conjunction with Relay For Life). My dog Laura will be coming to “walk” for a cure for cancer. We’ll be “barking” as we walk for all the other greyhounds and dogs and cats lost to cancer.

And we’ll be BARKING as the Greyhound Gang. (Make a donation or join my team by clicking here.)

We’ll be “barking” for my grandfather who passed away this February and who battled cancer. We’ll be Barking in honor of my husband’s Grammie Bell who has struggled with cancer and his aunt who has also struggled. We’ll be Barking for our family, friends, and fuzzy family that has struggled, lost, and won the fight against cancer.

I’ll also be attending as the event photographer and to raise awareness for the importance of pet ID kits. Having lost a pet in the past I understand the panic a pet owner experiences when their pet goes AWOL.

Check out the Weekly at Bangor Daily News this Thursday for some awesome stories about the Greater Bangor Bark for Life.