Cold weather tips

It seems like cold weather has hit us hard. I know Laura doesn’t appreciate the snow (although sometimes it seems like she’s having a blast).

That being said, there are some very simple things you can do to keep your furry friend happy and warm:

1. Keep them inside on cold days. Sounds like “duh” advice, but this is especially important for cat owners. In addition to the cold temps, cats can take shelter under car hoods. So if you have cats around your home, hit the hood a few times before starting up the car.

2. Keep the leash on. As a greyhound owner this is non-negotiable anyway. But in case pooches can get lost easily and snow is not the friend of an animal that uses scent. Keep the leash on no matter what.

3. Out for a walk on city streets or roadside? Clean off paws and bellies before settling into a warm blanket. Salt does a number on digestive tracks and can be unhealthy.

4. Check around your car for antifreeze leaks. Antifreeze tastes yummy for pets, but is toxic. Clean any leaks quickly and monitor your pet when they’re around the car.

Need more tips? The ASPCA has some pawsome tips to help pet owners keep their furry family members happy and healthy this winter. Read them here.