Dogs Around Town

Part of what I love about my jobs (yep, I have two: BDN writer/photographer and photographer) is that I’m blessed to meet so many different people with interesting businesses and a love for pets.

If you live in the Bangor area and get our weekly publication (aptly named “The Weekly”) you may have noticed that I have a “Critters” column in on the first Thursday of every month. The column focuses on something interesting that’s pet oriented and is an accent to this blog.

However, since I get to meet so many different businesses and individuals (and let’s face it, really cool pets too), I want to feature them on this blog.

That’s why I’m starting a new category called “Dogs Around Town.” Likewise, for the feline fanatics out there, there’s a category for you: “Cool Cats.” These new categories will be a Friday feature.

But I need your help to identify great stories! If you have a pet related business (or just a cool story), email me at [email protected] and tell me. Include the following in your subject line so I know it’s for the blog: CRITTERS.

Don’t live near Bangor or even in Maine? That’s OK. Send me a photo of your BFF and a short story. I’ll include it on the blog.

I can’t wait to share your stories.