Hunting season safety

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dog’s safety this hunting season. Within the first week, there have been two incidents of hunters shooting dogs (one sweet girl was running loose in the woods of Orrington while the other sweet dog was walking with her owner in the woods wearing blaze orange).

My girl, Laura, is a red brindle. That means she could look a whole lot like a dark deer. Some of her greyhound friends are fawn colored… the exact color of a deer in the woods. Hunting season has always made me nervous, but this year is particularly scary.

Maine state law (check it out by clicking here) requires 100% identification before shooting. And it’s not just dogs that are in danger. On the first weekend of hunting, there were three shootings of people as well.

As pet owners all we can do is to try to keep our dogs safe. First, keep your dogs close to you when you’re out, especially in the woods. Work on your recall commands (a.k.a. “come”). Second, when out enjoying nature, make sure your dogs wear blaze orange or florescent colors. For extra safety, you should also wear bright colors. Avoid tans and white colors during hunting season.

For the hunters out there, PLEASE know what you’re shooting at before releasing the trigger. Not just for the dog’s sake, but for the sake of the people around you.