Maine Pet and Event Photographer: Bangor Bark for Life


June 14: Greater Bangor Bark for Life, Bangor, Maine

There’s no greater pleasure than to see people coming together, united for a cause. It’s just an added bonus when those same people are dog and pet owners.

On June 14, the committee for the Greater Bangor Bark for Life, an offshoot of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, held their third annual event at Bass Park in Bangor on the same racetrack that Standardbred horses careen down on daily. And despite some threatening clouds, the event was as good as ever with fun, frivolity and the unite cause of working together to find a cure for cancer.

Part of why I participate in this great event is because my own life, and the lives of many of my clients, has been touched by cancer – both canine and human. It’s well known that dogs can provide an important role is supporting those facing the C-word. Learn more about why the American Cancer Society started Bark for Life here.

As a sponsor of the event, my job was to take photographs documenting the people and their dogs who were there. Click on the photo in this blog post to be taken to the viewing and ordering gallery and relive (or live for the first time) the fun of the day.

Any purchases of images from the gallery will result in a 10% donation to Bark for Life. Or if you’re social, go to and find the gallery there for social sharing (or just click HERE)