Prep the pets for baby

So you’ve just delivered a bouncing baby bundle and are ready to go home. You know that this is a whole new world for you!

Have you prepared your pets for their new life too?

Say what?!

That’s right. Your pets will be impacted by this new being as much as you will be. However, they may not know WHY she’s crying, WHAT smells so good, and HOW something new, small, and smelly could steal time away from them. Once Junior gets bigger, they may not understand why they are crawling or even why they have to be careful around baby.

But there’s a book that can help stem some of the common problems of introducing Junior to the family pets.

It’s in the form of a free ebook produced by the American Humane Association. This book, “Pet Meets Baby” is a valuable resource for new and expectant parents and caregivers navigate the waters of making a human-animal household a peaceful place to live safely and happily.

Click here to go to the landing page that will allow you to download the PDF book.

In honor of Dog Bite Prevention Month, this book can help parents understand what both baby or child and animal need to live in harmony.