Make Adoption Your First Option

I adopted both of my pets. I volunteer for animal rescues. The animals in their walls are among the sweetest with more amazing animals out there. The people who work to ensure they’re cared for before adoption are also among the best.

On the Bangor Daily News’s website was a great note, well in one way, anyway. Stacey Coventry noted that the Humane Society once again needs help emptying the halls and kennels. If you’re thinking about adding a pet to your family this summer, check out the Bangor Humane Society!

Urgent Need for Pet Adoption at The Bangor Humane Society

BANGOR – May 22, 2012 – Every spring and summer, The Bangor Humane Society and animal rescues everywhere fill to the brim with felines, especially kittens, seeking forever homes. The presence of kittens often means amazing adults stay in shelters longer than they, or BHS, would like!

In the last 8 days over 150 animals were brought to the humane society. They are disappointed to say that many of them are still awaiting a new home, along with many other furry critters. Currently, the Bangor Humane Society is filled with wacky kittens, adventuresome adolescents, captivating young adults, and mature comfort-seekers.

“Name Your Fee” Adoption

Cats of all ages and personality types await the purr-fect match-up. Such diversity could be overwhelming if it weren’t for the skilled adoption counselors on hand to help visitors discover their kindred spirits in feline form. The Bangor Humane Society joins the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in declaring June Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.

The Bangor Humane Society planned a “Name Your Fee” adoption promotion with a minimum $10 donation for the month of June on all adult cats ages seven months and older to increase awareness of the ever-increasing feline population at the shelter and boost adoption rates of adult felines.

Because they are currently filled to the brim with cats, they are starting their “Name Your Fee” promo today, as a special June preview. The public is invited to come by to meet and mingle with dozens of cats currently awaiting forever homes! If they happen to meet that sympatico cat, that kindred spirit, the BHS counselors are happy to facilitate the adoption.

Although June has gone to the cats, BHS didn’t want to leave out the dogs. This time of year, the humane society also fills with local stray dogs who adventurously separate from their owners and find their way to the shelter. Currently, BHS is filled with dogs waiting out their “stray time,” causing their waiting list for owner-surrender dogs to grow. All month long, dogs ages 7 months and older are 50% off.

Bring a new furry friend into your family!

Please visit the Bangor Humane Society throughout the month or contact 207-942-8902 to celebrate the adopt-a-cat month. Other fees may apply. All adoption policies still apply.

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