Love is FOUND

For those following the saga of Love the Lincoln greyhound, I’m thrilled to announce that Love is FOUND and captured! Nearly 20 days after she initially slipped her collar and took off into the streets and woods of Lincoln, MGPS staffers captured her. The people of the town of Lincoln, the volunteers who donated time […]

Hunting Season Safety

I’ve thought a lot about my dog’s safety this hunting season. Within the first week, there have been two incidents of hunters shooting dogs. One sweet girl ran loose in the woods of Orrington while the other sweet dog walked with her owner in the woods wearing blaze orange. My girl, Laura, is a red brindle. […]

Your Pet in Pictures!

It’s that time of year when days start getting shorter, nights longer, and hounds restless. My greyhound Laura loves the chance to stretch her legs, visit with other greyhounds, and lots of people. Sometimes she even helps me find other pets to photograph! As a pet owner and photographer, I know many people want their […]

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