Ready for My Close-Up Partner: Dogn’i Apparel

“Ready for my Close-Up” will be on Friday, July 12, 6-9 p.m., Sea Dog Brewing Company Banquet Center, 26 Front Street, Bangor. Just a reminder, this is a people-only event. Please leave your pets at home.

Ready for My Close-Up Partner: Dogn’i Apparel

Owner: Cynthia Rollins
Location: 29 6th Street, Bangor, Maine 04401
Phone: (207) 907-4289

An oft-overlooked part of pet photos is the pet’s attire. As people, we focus a lot on the clothes we wear and how we look. Successful pet portraits showcase fashionable items as well.

We’re not talking about couture dresses like you see at New York Dog Fashion week. Yes, it exists! Instead, we’re talking about harnesses, collars, leashes, and coordinating people gear.

When planning my Open House, I reached out to Cyndi Rollins, owner of Dogn’i Apparel. I recently had an opportunity to photograph Cyndi’s Dogn’i Fashions. They’re amazing! She’s owned by two Yorkies, Jack and Jill, and several cats.

Dogn’i opened in 2000 from Cyndi’s home sewing room. It evolved into a larger display space in the foyer. The business designs and creates custom pet apparel for dogs, cats, and owners, along with blankets, pads, and pet bed covers.

What’s a tip that you can give that would help a pet prepare for photographs?

Play before coming to a session. Get all the energy out of them so they will be relaxed and comfortable with a new person around and listening to your instructions.

What’s your favorite part of being a pet-centered business?

My customers. They have so much fun being able to have a company create what they want from their ideas. There are so many options. Creativity makes shopping at Dogn’i fun.

Why are you participating?

To meet new people who love pets like I do, learn what is important to them, and their community. Learning is a wonderful part of owning your own business. Listening is equally important.

What will people learn at your booth?

They will learn who we are, what we offer, and ways to enjoy their pet through fashion.

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