Welcome to Bell’s Furry Friends Photography!

Since 2009, I’ve photographed people and their pets as part of my photography business, Bell Imaging & Design, LLC. As a pet owner myself, when my clients ask to photograph their pet, they entrust me with a very important task, to capture their pet’s essence and personality.

As my business grew, I developed a great following with my pet photography. More of my clients either have photography sessions for their pets or have pet-related businesses. Bell Imaging & Design’s Facebook page started to look more like a pet photography page.

That got me thinking…

Why not offer pet photography as a bone-a-fido (pun intended) division? I researched, developed a plan, and in May, had a soft launch of Bell’s Furry Friends Photography! This business division is dedicated to capturing the relationships between people and their pets, businesses, and fuzzy clients.

Who are my closest BFFs?

They’re my own pets. My coon cat, Olivia, and greyhound, Laura.

Olivia has been with my husband, Bill, and me since 2002. She’s a spunky girl full of cuteness and cunning. She dominates our greyhound, Laura. Who, at four times Olivia’s size and weighing in a good 60 pounds more than Olivia, is content to play second fiddle.

Laura, our retired greyhound, who never raced, came to live with us on December 27, 2008, the day before my 30th birthday. Laura’s a non-typical greyhound who acts like a golden retriever but looks svelte and muscled. She’s really the reason I started photographing dogs as more than just a part of the family.

Now that you know who my personal BFFs are let me tell you about my other BFFs, my clients. When I started photographing pets, I learned how to read dog body language through training classes. Then, I educated myself on how to help pets feel comfortable in front of the camera and applied my documentary photographic approach to successfully help my pet clients and their people create amazing images.

My clients are amazing people who love their pets. I also work with many clients who own pet-related businesses or non-profits. They’re passionate about animals, and it shows in the work that we do together. I love hearing about how they and their BFFs are doing.

I am excited to offer this service to more people as a specialty product. If you arrived here, you obviously love your pets, people, and business. Tell me a story! I can’t wait to learn more about you and your BFFs!

High Praise From Our Clients

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