Do You Speak Doggie?

I came across this very cute video, “Do You Speak Doggie?” the other day, and it struck a chord! It’s courtesy of You can access it by clicking HERE.

Parents, if you have kids and dogs in the house, show them this video. If you don’t have dogs in the house, but you’re out and about where there are dogs, show them this video. Kids, watch this video. Learning to communicate with your dog is essential whether you have kids in the house or not.

That’s why training classes are a must if you have a new dog at home or want to enhance your skills and training as is now. We took training from Green Acres Kennel Shop when we first adopted Laura. The classes were worth every penny. As a result, she’s mostly well-behaved and good with kids, as long as they’re polite.

Dog Bite Prevention Month is in May!

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and techniques for having a safe family life while living with dogs!

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